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QuaRex Consulting

QuaRex core business is regulatory and quality compliance for medical devices, food, and pharmaceutical products.

Quarex consulting LLC assists clients in their projects to ensure compliance and training. Consultants provide technical expertise in quality and regulatory and conduct compliance gaps analysis, audits by certified auditors, support in writing files and implementation of processes.  They are also able to provide regular training.

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We are adopting a consistent methodology for each project:

We adhere to a standardized methodology for every project:

  1. Needs Assessment: We conduct an initial evaluation to comprehend project requirements and anticipated outcomes. Subsequently, we develop and gain client approval on a strategic plan. A subject matter expert recommended by Quarex and approved by the client assumes project leadership.

  2. Implementation: The project is executed with regular updates provided to the client on progress, milestones achieved, and any identified risks.


Ethics & integrity

are our culture allowing us to comply with standards and regulations and to work with transparency to control risks.


We boldly challenge ourselves and others to be accountable, and create positive change for everyone we serve.


We ensure our performance delivers impact and value and meets project targets and clients requests.

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