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QuaRex Consulting

QuaRex core business is regulatory and quality compliance for medical devices, food, and pharmaceutical products.
Quarex consulting LLC assists clients in their projects to ensure compliance and training. 

Consultants provide technical expertise in quality and regulatory and conduct compliance gaps analysis, audits by certified auditors, support in writing files and implementation of processes. They are also able to provide regular training required in the EU.

Beatrice NAJEM is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder of QuaRex Consulting LLC. She has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 14 years in Europe, in regulatory and quality affairs. Béatrice holds a master’s degree in nutrition science from the University of Paris Diderot –France, a certification in Quality Management System from Agroparitech engineering school – France (equivalent to a master), and a BS in nutrition from Saint-Joseph University in Lebanon.
She worked for foodtech facilities, consulting companies, and pharmaceutical/ biotechnology companies as quality and regulatory manager. These different experiences and regulatory mindset had contributed significantly to her regulatory and quality skills and her recognition as an expert in these areas. She is also been a guest lecturer in regulatory affairs for the last 3 years in Rouen University – France.
After the birth of her third daughter in 2021, she started in France her own consultancy firm supporting critical regulatory projects. In 2023, she moved to the USA and created QuaRex consulting LLC in the Greater Boston Area.

Company Profile-Key Facts

European background is Quarex strength and allows to manage projects that opens business to American companies looking to comply with EU, UK, and Switzerland requirements and export products.

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Michel Valer

President & CEO

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Chief Marketing Officer

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Chief Strategy Officer

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Chief People Officer

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Chief Technology Officer

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Financial Services

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Chief Financial Officer

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Rich with a pool of independent experts

  • QuaRex consulting LLC is rich with a pool of subject matter experts around the world, with 10 to 35 years of experience. All selected and approved by Beatrice herself. Depending on your needs, many consultants can be teamed to work on one project.
  • Following an evaluation of the current situation and anticipated outcomes, a strategic plan is developed, shared, and approved with the client. The project is then led by a subject matter expert recommended by Quarex and endorsed by the client, ensuring expertise and leadership throughout the endeavor.

"If you think compliance is expensive, try non-compliance."

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